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I found this toy while thrifting in Canada and loved the imagery... through google I found information about the Canadian Indigenous Artist, Ben Houstie.


Ben Houstie (Bella, Bella) is an Indigenous artist.
"As a child, I had the opportunity to watch master carver, Mungo Martin, work on the world’s largest totem pole, in Alert Bay, B.C. I had been removed from my family and community and placed in St Michael’s residential school in Alert Bay. Residential schools were designed to “remove” culture and promote assimilation and yet ironically in Alert Bay, I found the artistic traditions of our culture. As a survivor I am deeply impacted the painful experiences of being in a residential school. My art is part of my healing and provides a connection to my culture. Working with Bill Reid as well as a project featuring bent box designs created by my great grandfather, Daniel Houstie were critical in my understanding of our unique art forms. I have committed my life to Northwest Coast Art and am delighted that my son Christopher is following in our family tradition." - Ben Houstie

First Nations Shapes Toy

  • Fabrication:  solid pine wood with non-toxic paint


    Size: 10 × 6 × 3 in


    Condition: Excellent used condition.

  • All sales final.

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